Hug Bear Ring | a pack leader

A new friend for the hug bear

We had a customer asking if we have the Hug Bear Ring about "This size". ”I can always make it for you” said Maya...

“this size” meant the size of this necklace which is not a small pendant to say the least.

so here we have made a one of a kind custome Hug Bear Ring.

large silver choker

Silver 925 Choker: Drop Necklace

Wax carving of one-of-a-kind custom ring.

Wax Carving

Engraving on custom made ring.

We engraved a secret message on it too.

One-of-a-kind Huge Hug Bear Ring

One-of-a-kind huge Hug Bear Ring with original Hug Bear Ring.

The person who ordered this ring from us is also a very tall person. Maya had to look up when she was talking to him just like how the original Hug Bears are around the big one.

My Hug Bear is much older in age, but he looks almost like a child...

The Huge Hug Bear bearing a special message went off to meet the special someone in the U.S.!

Custom order Hug Bear Ring

One-of-a-kind custom Huge Hug Bear with Chubby, original with diamond, and a pinky ring.

group photo of Hug Bear Rings

Group photo~