Our Thoughts


When we first began responding to COVID-19, we thought of our communities.
We thought that it was not just about individuals getting the virus, but it was also about the impact on the medical workers and vulnerable population effected by the spread of the virus.
We decided to close our store to do our part to protect our communities.
When we began adapting to COVID-19 and started preparing to re-open our store, we thought ‘care’ should be the number one concern.
Trying to minimize the spread of the virus means caring for others.

By following precautionary guidelines, we can reduce the risk of unintentionally affecting the lives of others.

In order to be confident in our approach, we decided to keep our operation on an appointment basis for now.

*Please DO NOT enter the store if you feel sick.
*Face covering and hand sanitization required for entry.
*We assist customers with appointments first.
*We limit the number of customers to 3 people, one party at any given time.
*We may ask you to wait outside to make sure we are taking all necessary precautions.

We commit to:
*taking temperature every morning, to wash and sanitize hands and gargle frequently and wear facial mask.
*sanitize surfaces throughout the store and ventilate frequently.
*sanitize all jewelry that has been touched by our customers.

We appreciate your patience and loyalty during these challenging times.

Against Discrimination

One must not be judged or mistreated because of where they are born, the color of their skin or sexual orientation.
We believe in equality. We always want to side with the ones in the vulnerable position - racial, ethnic or sexual minority, and indigenous peoples.

Yes all lives matter, but that does not represent the same concerns.

We stand in solidarity with all allies around the globe in the fight against systemic racism and injustice because Black Lives Matter.