There are little stories in each piece of jewelry in ileava.

Handmade in Harajuku, central Tokyo, Hug Bear and his friends await to hug your finger.



Making each day count.

We want our jewelry to be something that makes your everyday a little bit more special. Something that is wearable everyday, but maybe makes even those rainy days more enjoyable because you are wearing a rain cloud necklace.



Our necklaces come with a little tag that is a shape of our logo at the end where you put the clasp on.  It is made so you can hold the ends easier. *exceptions on some necklaces due to the weight balance.
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When we make our rings we like to make sure it is comfortable.  We test and try the rings many times while making each piece to make sure that it is comfortable for the wearer.
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We know that we all have different size wrists. We would like to accommodate all sizes and would like you to let us know if there are special needs.
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All of our ear hooks are original and made by hand. We shape them so that is easy to swing without it falling out.
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ileava & co. Harajuku