ileava jewelry's 20th Anniversary Collection - Zodiac Collection

The Zodiac Collection was created as we celebrated ileava jewelry's 20th anniversary.

It has been 20 years since Maya created Hug Bear. The bear has many companions now. He takes her around the world he lives in. She takes out different elements and images from this world and turns them into pieces of jewelry or miniature sculptures that everyone can wear. Her inspiration is not only in the objects in nature but also in various aspects of natural phenomena. She holds a deep appreciation for the intangible and elusive moments that the sky unfolds each day, and many of her creations are inspired by elements of the sky, such as the moon, eclipse, stars, raindrops, and clouds. However, there is one celestial realm that long fascinated Maya, yet remains to be added to the jewelry collection: “constellations.”

Maya considers wearing a zodiac sign similar to wearing birthstone jewelry-“It is interesting that people see images in countless stars and how these star signs point to individual characteristics and can also serve as talismans.” A small piece of jewelry can act as a source of positivity or form a personal connection with loved ones. That very idea may be what it is that drives a jewelry designer to create.

Each zodiac symbol is drawn with four-pointed stars, a north-star-like symbol, rather than the pentagrams, and round dots. Some stars are elongated, and points are extended to make up the shape of each symbol.
Each necklace is sprinkled with six to eight diamonds set into the stars and the dots. You can wear your own zodiac sign as a reminder of the person you aspire to be, the zodiac sign of a beloved one, or even a cherished pet who holds a special place in your heart.

*Birth year, month, date, time, and place define your zodiac sign.
If you are sending them as gifts, and the recipient's birthday is on the border date, we recommend you to consult with them.

the zodiac sign
necklace sprinkled with six to eight diamonds
zodiac necklace
  • The order containing our Zodiac Collection will be shipped after September 16th(Sat.) in the order it was received.
  • Please use our contact form if you require a different chain length.