Happy Holidays from ileava jewelry!

Happy Holidays! ileava jewelry 2022

We appreciate your loyalty and support during these challenging times.
We are thankful that we get to open our door every morning because there are people who support us. Thank you!

ileava jewelry, Maya & Georges

New items


We released our “Gift Collection” in March. There was an as this idea that did not make it to the final product because of the reproducibility. So, we decided to make four, one of a kind necklaces based on that design.
There will be many new one of a kind items with gems and pearls as well.

★Scent of ileava

Our aroma reed diffuser that we make and use at our store is now available!
You can choose from two different scent, Classic and Holidays.

aroma reed diffuser

Scent of ileava
aroma reed diffuser ¥8,800

ileava Christmas Ornaments

This year’s ornament is a gift box motif from the Gift Collection.

Receive this year's Christmas ornament when you purchase over ¥22,000 either at our Tokyo store or online through 12/1〜12/27.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you don't see what you are looking for on our online store.

The Christmas ornaments we made in the past are also available for purchase:
¥3,300 each, ¥13,200 for a set of 5, ¥22,000 for a set of 10
The assortment cannot be changed.

Christmas ornament

Christmas ornament

Open 12〜20:00 on 12/23~25
We will be closed 12/28~ 1/6

Happy Holidays! ileava jewelry 2022