Sofia Kaman in Tokyo!

Sofia Kaman

When I was still in school.
When I wasn’t even dreaming about becoming a jewelry designer.

When Sofia was just starting up and still working at a jewelry store.
When she was making jewelry with silver and colored gems, not with gold with diamond like she does now.
before she became Sofia Kaman.

I chose Steven Hanna’s jewelry store "Accents Jewelry" as a subject for my project for my architect class in college.

I met up with Georges after his work and visited Accents. One silver ring caught our eyes.

It was not something I as a student could buy it at the spot, but Georges as he was already out of school and working, he bought it for me as a promise ring.
At the cashier, as he was paying, Steven whispered "It is her, who made this ring" as he pointed to Sofia who was standing quietly in the corner a little shy.
That’s how we met, and I still remember this moment clearly.

After a year and a half, I was working with her at the store.

Becoming a jewelry designer, making jewelry in gold, attending tradeshows, leaving a very comfortable nest called Accents, opening her own store, she was always ahead of me. She was my idol in the early stage of my jewelry making, then she became someone I look up to, and she became a friend.

I don’t get to see her often anymore now that we have the Pacific Ocean laying between us, but everytime I get to see her, she makes comments on every pieces of jewelry I’m wearing. I love to see her new pieces on her self in person too. Our conversation always starts with talking about jewelry.

It was great to hear that her jewelry will become available in Japan, and she will actually be here in Japan for a trunk show at the stores who carry her line.

I will go see her this Sunday as the trunk show will take place right by my store.

She says she’ll have a day off after the trunk show. She will stop by at ileava & co., then we’ll be having a long girls talk~
then we’ll will have family dinner!

and by the way. The silver ring Georges bought me is still shining on my ring finger everyday.

ileava jewelry and Sofia Kaman

Rings I wear on my ring finger everyday.
from left:

  • Wedding band I made.
  • Mother’s diamond ring.
  • Sofia Kaman silver ring.