Jewelry that reminds you of someone

"thinking of that special someone,
appreciating my past self,

reminds me that we all have courage within”

~ Maya, Yasuko and Georges

We created this collection with the winner that won the "producing right" at Holiday Quiz Challenge in 2021.

A creative journey was started with a single word “Gift” and eventually came up with a concept “jewelry that reminds you of someone (including yourself)”.


We chose ribbons to symbolize the “act of gifting” and “something precious”.

Discreet messages

We can inscribe messages to loved ones or dates that you want to keep close.
All item includes engraving fees.

Gift your feelings

A gift for special someone

Gift your feelings or appreciation.

Gift your appreciation
keep as a reminder for yourself

A gift to yourself

Stories and feelings you want to keep as a reminder for yourself.

A gift to yourself

We’ve made many prototypes.

Designing rings in 3 demention.

Designing in 3 demention.

put a small garnet

We decided to put a small garnet along with aquamarines we usually have on the end of the chain.