a hug for you and your finger.

ileava started with just one teddy bear that hugs your finger.

"the model of the bear was a teddy bear my sister had when she was little, who went everywhere with her, and was almost one of the family.

As she got older, she stopped taking "Bill" the teddy bear, with her.

So it made me want to give her something she can have with her all the time. The bear ring has the cute butt that she liked about Bill Bear, and can cheer her up when ever she needs comfort."

This ring became the starting point of ileava. combining something that is meaningful and also wearable.

Anyone of age can wear them, have their little companion tag along.

"I wanted ileava to be a place where you can find jewelry that is playful and where anyone could find something that is meaningful to them".

gold and silver
18k Gold Bear with a dimond on his butt
The very first Hug Bear Ring
The very first Hug Bear Ring was born in 2003

Hug Bear Ring was a very first piece of jewelry Maya has created.
She had made changes to the appearence over the years, and still is ileava's signature piece.
Notice Hug Bear used to have eyes curved!

from left, silver、gold、with a diamond
18k Gold Bear with a dimond on his butt
The bunny ring
hug bear ring
owl silver ring
silver shiny ring