One of a kind

Maya’s thoughts on jewelry-making

"I want to make special pieces for everyone. It doesn't necessarily have to mean anything to anyone else, as long as it has a special meaning to the wearers," Maya's vision is reflected in every single piece of ileava jewelry, particularly in her one-of-a-kind creations.

Her creative vision turns gemstones into wearable stories

In Maya's studio, the journey of each handpicked natural gemstone begins, transforming into wearable stories that become part of ileava jewelry's world, that is distinct and unique. She envisions the design they will ultimately become even while selecting the gems.

For instance, the deep green emerald ring reminiscent of an enchanting forest was made with a shank textured like a branch. Other gems inspire her to add celestial elements such as stars or a moon, recreating a night sky. Stars may be hidden on the reverse side of the milky gemstone on a pair of earrings which can be seen through the gemstone. When the picture agate necklace is held up against the light, a crescent moon appears, as if you're gazing at a moon over a distant mountain. A doublet with a turquoise and a rutilated quartz with golden needle-like inclusions may appear like a glittering ocean viewed from above.

The gemstones chosen are diverse in range and not limited to flawless and perfectly colored natural stones. Similarly, the diamonds extend beyond traditional cuts with a variety ranging from raw and rustic diamonds, uniquely cut diamonds to antique diamonds.

Truly special and unique jewelry

Thousands of pieces later, Maya is able to create the final outcome of her jewelry, incorporating the gemstones, into the designs that are special and unique, distinctively her own. Through deliberate stone placement and color coordination, a harmonious balance and natural organic look are achieved.

Behind each of Maya's one-of-a-kind creations lies a story. Every piece in this collection is the reflection of Maya's passion to create, turning her passion into a cherished treasure for everyone, jewelry only you can find at ileava.