Finding beauty in Wabi-Sabi

The cherry blossom, sakura, season in Japan is a very short lived season and an iconic symbol of Spring, bringing many people from different countries and the locals together to view and celebrate the mesmerizing beauty brought by nature. The cherry blossom season lasts only about a week after the full bloom. The Sakura collection is a wearable line of cherry blossom themed jewelry which will always stay in full bloom. This is a beautiful collection which resembles Japan to share with someone who has never experienced the cherry blossom or for yourself to take back home as a memory.

The sakura blossom on oxidized branch pieces in the collection captures the designer’s detailed observation associated with the tree and the rain. When it rains, the branches and the bark darken, making the flowers appear more vibrant. Each trees are unique and have their own form and are never identical. Like an actual cherry blossom tree, some pieces in the Sakura collection comprise of various size and shape branches and carefully placed one-of-a-kind flowers, making them look natural and a very special one.

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10k Rose Gold Sakura Studs with Diamonds